Sunday, February 5, 2017

Reader's Response Post Cards

People say that writing letters is a lost art..but in my first grade classroom my students LOVE writing letters! That is one of their options in the writing station and they love writing to their friends, parents, and to me!

So, I came up with Reader's Response Post Cards. These post cards are an easy way to differentiate their reader's responses.

How do I use them? Well, as with anything in first grade, I first modeled, modeled, modeled! We used them as a whole group read aloud response for a few weeks. I would share students' post cards with the class to brag on their excellent work!

THEN! The real magic came when students were able to begin using these post cards independently. I now have students complete these in my Read to Self rotation, as well as an exit ticket from the guided reading table.

They LOVE  that they are writing to somebody they care about! It's so fun to watch them turn it into our "mailbox" (from my favorite, the Target Dollar Spot!). They really have taken ownership of their work with this fun and engaging way of showing their comprehension skills.

Ready to turn your students into engaged letter writers?! Check out this product in my store! It comes with many options to mix and match the front AND backs of your post cards!

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