Wednesday, June 5, 2019


When I joined Beautycounter as a consultant I remember seeing three words that stuck with me: create, educate, advocate.

Those three words make up Beautycounter’s core mission. Six months into this journey as a consultant I thought it would be fun to talk about what those words have meant to me over the last six months!

I started to try to put all three in one post but I just have so. much. to. say…. So I decided to split it into three separate posts! First up: create!

So of course - One part of Beautycounter’s mission is to create - create high performing products that people love and that are CLEAN!

What does clean mean!? It means that there are over 1,500 ingredients that they have banned from their products. This list of these ingredients is called The Never List. You can read more HERE!

Clean means that Beautycounter has created products that you can have confidence in using without reading the labels! Goodbye known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and other harmful chemicals!

BUT the most important thing that Beautycounter has created for me is a sense of community. Not only has it created the opportunity for me to be a part of team, but it has allowed me to create and build relationships as well!

It is so much fun chatting with people about products I love (whether they're Beautycounter or not!), creating sample packs to send to people, creating events that people can enjoy, and creating a space where women feel empowered and know how to choose cleaner & safer products.

Finally, Beautycounter has created supplemental/extra income. It has helped me pay for my graduate school tuition without having to take out loans! That is a HUGE blessing that I am grateful for!


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